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by slavne
23 Sep 2016, 16:00
Forum: SpeedyFox
Topic: little bug / command line
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little bug / command line

Hi, maybe I am wrong but you have a tiny miny bug in command line proposal: it should be with quotes, like here:

"G:\dvdSW_sistem,kom&network\kom & network\..VEB PRELISTACI\Firefox i dodaci\speedyfox.exe" /Firefox:default

by slavne
18 Jun 2016, 19:46
Forum: Uninstall Tool
Topic: Install Trace / changed file
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Install Trace / changed file

I have questions about Trace feature if traced installation writes something into any kind of EXISTING file (say setup.ini, mix.dll, hotspot.exe, ....):
1) can I see that in logs?
2) what happens with changed file when I start uninstall operation in UninstallTool?

Best regards,