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Features request

27 Feb 2016, 20:47

I'm not new to uninstall software (I had five different programs!) but your program is very good.
And here's a few some suggestions to make it awesome 8-) :
1. Try to add features from Windows Explorer like multiple views, sorting, etc.
2. In batch uninstall run the program uninstaller first then scan for traces.
3. Automatically trace (or track) Installers. You may add confirmation to users if they want to trace (or track) an install and\or add it to preferences.
4. Add "Infrequently used programs" and "Windows updates" as categories.
5. Add Update checker for installed programs.
6. Add a tick box for creating restore point before uninstall (in the uninstall window).
7. Automatically refresh programs list every second (like Windows Task Manager ).
8. Add tickboxes for selecting programs besides mouse and keyboard selection.
9. Allow exporting selected programs to HTML.
10. Make System Tools run in a separated window (because I'm not selecting the drop-down list again and again).
11. Once a keyboard button is pressed select apps that begins with that button instead of automatically writing it in the search field it's a standard in most programs (including Windows Explorer)
That's all I can think of right now.
I hope you like what I suggested.
Waiting for feedback :smile: .

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