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Multiple application Installs

06 Jun 2017, 17:46


I am using the Uninstall tool for an unorthodox reason.  We have a few applications that are deploying more than one application when installing (for example, think Quicktime- it will also install Apple Application Support and Apple Software Update).  The programs that we are tracking are installing things not found in Programs and Features though, so Control Panel, etc.  Is there a way to use Uninstall tool to consistently track and provide information on multiple application installs without having to sort through the logs? I really enjoy how easy it is to read the applications being installed on the UI.  

Also, this is for Windows 10 machines- mainly x64.  We are not using it to track installs on Windows 7 machines. 
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Re: Multiple application Installs

11 Jun 2017, 09:46

Dear Michelle,

Install Tracker can do that
https://www.crystalidea.com/uninstall-t ... on-monitor
see "Multiple (embedded) Installations" section

But you have to start installation with Install Tracker (see "How to monitor an installation" section)

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