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Setup presets

12 May 2014, 20:47


I'd like to thank you for this very useful app.

I have one request :
When I work , I put both sides to 5000rpm. I go back and forth between this setting and the automatic one.
Is it possible the user to create a preset which then, would be available directly on the top menu? So we don't have to setup the thing each time but just click on my own preset.

I'd be happy this feature to be in the next version of the app.

Thank you :)

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Re: Setup presets

13 May 2014, 06:49

Hi, yes, planned for 1.2 version
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Re: Setup presets

07 May 2017, 14:34

Steven wrote:
Hi, yes, planned for 1.2 version

Hello, still no presets options?! Please include it  :pardon:

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