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Feature Request: Auto Set Fan Speed on Program Execution

28 May 2015, 16:26

Feature Request:
A way to set fan speed upon a detected program execution. And to return to a Global Fan Speed Setting when the program exits.

For an example:
If I were to launch a specific processor/graphics intensive game that I know will raise my temps across the board, I would like to have a way for the fans to automatically go to maximum or whatever custom setting upon detection of the launch of the game. Similar to Nvidia's 3D graphics settings panel and how it handles graphics settings on game launch. And when the game is exited, to have the fans return to whatever speed they were at originally or to a global setting.

My MBP Retina 2012 doesn't overheat like it did when I first got it because Apple was able to fix it. I still use Macs Fan Control to set the fans at maximum while playing games. Sometimes I forget to set the fan speed before launching a game. Having the fans set to maximum or not can be a difference of 10 degrees C.

Lastly, great program. Thanks!
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Re: Feature Request: Auto Set Fan Speed on Program Execution

28 May 2015, 18:14

Brilliant! Will be done after the profiles features is ready

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