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what settings for Macbook mid-2010?

04 Feb 2016, 22:14

I've been looking in your "help" to get a better understanding of what all the menus in Macs Fan Control mean and how to set them up. The real trouble is that i can't find anything.
Specifically, I am having real touble with my Mackbook Pro (Duo Core 2,4 mid-2010, 8gb RAM, 500SSD). It's been overheating, creating a lot of problems with kernel_task issue and for this reason I got your software. It's truly helped me keep the system cooled or stable but I don't know what are the best settings for it.
what is the general temperature for I have it set up now for sensor-based value based on CPU diode...fan starts kicking at 46 degrees and I am giving it a max of 65degrees. (this is based on my observation that from 70degrees on my system gets funny). But are these values right? What would be the ideal setting? and which sensor should I based it on? i.e. in other words,could you provide more detail information as to what settings are good with your software.
Thank you!!!

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