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Bug in 1.3.3 on iMac 27 mid 2011 - No read SMC

03 Mar 2016, 17:06

Sorry for my English,
but in 1.3.3 i have see a bug on startup OS X, when use macs fan control by manual fan control "FANS" from sensors.

e.t ODD by GPU Heatsink some like that,

a problem is that:

When OSX is loading, first time - Cold start,
Macs fan control can't showing All sensors, only hdd showing current temp and all.

i have iMac 27, mid 2011 i7 3,4 16Ram, SSD 256, 2Tb = FusionDrive, 6970M 2GB

when if i closed apps by exit button, and then startup again from application,
works fine, but settings are loosing,
all what i configured in manual settings fans use by sensors was reseting to auto mode.
and all time, it make me very angry and i don't know what a hell i can do.

i think problem in SMC var reading when Macs fan control starting with OS X,
very fast starting up, and MACS fan control too early reading SMC vars, and
something going wrong and this god damn not working.

same thing in Windows 7 at startup when Macs fan control, SMC reading. on too fast systems.

maybe u guys need to do patch for Mac Fan control to set delay smc reading in (secs) 30 secs i think
is good for it.

or make users set their time delay to smc reading.

any better idea?
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