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Can there be a dumbed down version for "regular" Mac Users?

03 May 2016, 13:55

I am a very technically advanced Mac Tech and I have many (less tech-savvy) customers whose computers I install MFC on in order to keep them running at optimal temperatures. However, when the app stops working or requires an update, and gets all glitchy and ceases to function (which happens nearly every freaking week now!), my customers cannot (and why should they?) figure out how to make MFC work again. Then I step in and quickly fix it for them, in general, by deleting the App and reinstalling it and resetting the custom preferences. This phenomena is beginning to get ANNOYING and has gone from every few months to every few WEEKS! This x 500 customers is beginning to make me lose my sh*t!

For OS 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, and 10.6 I had installed Fan Control made by Lobotomo in my customers' computers and it worked seamlessly for FIVE YEARS!!!!!! FFFFFIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE years and FOUR Operating Systems with NO problems, ever. I realize they stopped making this App and SMC Fan Control kinda sucks, so I turned to MFC as the next best solution.

Is there ANY way Crystal Idea could make a version that is basic, dumbed down, and doesn't need updates every 3 weeks that will just run with basic controls for a few years without glitching out or needing updating? I'd SO HAPPILY PAY $$$$$$$$$$$$ for this!

Another idea would be to have this dumbed down version automatically update itself without the user even needing to interact with it. Wouldn't that be great?

I realize that controlling a Mac's fan system is an uphill battle with Apple and the programming must be a bear with all of the obstacles Apple must put in your way. Apple seems to REALLY want its computers overheating ALL of the time, and damn it if you want to keep your computer from melting down - Apple says: NO! Nonetheless, maybe there's a way to make this app more user friendly for "regular" computer users who just want this program to work without the constantly annoying (adobe flash player level) updates.

If this is not possible, can you recommend another fan control software that will just work, easily, for a 5th grade level demographic?

Thank you for making this app by the way - I personally love it for myself and am willing to deal with the seemingly unending glitchiness that is inherent with MFC.

Please advise.

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