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General questions (not about MFC) on Mac temps and fans

03 May 2016, 22:38

First, an observation: My PowerMac G5 dual CPU 2 GHz, running Leopard 10.5.8, has always (for the 5+ years I've owned it) controlled its fan speeds automatically without assistance from add-on software.

When I bought my Mac Pro used about three years ago, the fans always ran at their slowest speed and never varied. I thought that was just because it was running very cool.

Over a year later I installed some software (not sure what) that reported the internal temperatures, and it told me that the IOH diode (NOT its heat sink) was at around 220˚F

It was at least six months later before I did anything about it.

So, my questions:

1: Could it really keep running for over six months, potentially as long as a year and a half, with any electronic component that hot?
2: If my Mac knows the IOH diode is so hot, why doesn't Mac OS try to compensate by speeding up some of the fans? (Multiple SMC resets haven't helped.)

I've been using MFC for a long time now, trying to keep a balance between fan noise and IOH diode temperature. The temperature stays around 210˚F with moderate fan noise--mainly from the main intake and exhaust fans, which run at around 2000 rpm and 1500 rpm respectively.

Even 210˚F seems awfully hot to me. And it's been running that hot for a long time (though asleep most of the day on weekdays, and overnight).

Comments or suggestions?

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