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How to tell if I set up properly?

12 Jun 2016, 23:08

Hi, I had a 27" in the past and it's was QUIET, never heard the fans at all. This New (used) iMac 27" the fans were nuts after the HD was replaced. So, I installed this software I have the computer on doing nothing but clicking around looking on safari and my preferences... nothing heavy at all and the fans just run and run. I attached the SAME DATA in F and C because I know for someone people they are used to one more than the other. To the touch the TOP LEFT is the hottest if that helps. I am just wondering if it's supposed to run all the time like this and get this hot. Well, to be honest I have no idea what HOT is for this computer. My old Imac would be from 111F to 115F never hotter and would never hear the fans. For example, my old iMac is running 115F now and the fan is 1914rpm and I can't hear it at all. So I am basing my opinion and expectation on how my old iMac is acting.

For CPU I used the core 2 because it seemed to be the hotter of the 2 core.

This is a MID-2010 iMac 27" i3

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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