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No Relevant Temp to Tie PCI Fan to for GPU?

05 Feb 2017, 01:34


I'm looking for a more relevant sensor to tie PCI fan to. I see that my GPU is recognized when I copy the Technical Info, which also shows a bunch of nameless sensors.

I am wondering if I could be able to bring one of those 'nameless sensors' from the technical info into the program, so I can pull a more relevant one up for GPU and tie PCI fan speed to my GPU temp? Even if using GPU temp is a no-go, at least one of those 'nameless sensors' will be more relevant.

I ran FurMark at 4K and stressed the heck out of my GTX980 for ~20min and none of the temps really climbed that I can go off of in Macs Fan Control. I was hoping PCIE Ambient would become relevant if I heat it up in there, but it didn't.

Thanks for the help!
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Re: No Relevant Temp to Tie PCI Fan to for GPU?

06 Feb 2017, 19:37

Please give us some more info

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