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Can't read cue files created by AnyToISO

29 Aug 2015, 23:14

I bought the Pro AnyToISO program in order to create cue files from audio files extracted from video (avc3 files, which I then converted to flac). The program does create cue files. However, neither of the programs I have for splitting the tracks (Medieval Cue Splitter and Foobar) will read the cue files created by AnyToISO. I am a novice at this stuff and need some guidance as to how I can make this work. The program is worthless to me unless I can create cue files that can be used to split the one long audio files into separate tracks for the songs included in the file.

I will appreciate any help you are able to provide.
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Re: Can't read cue files created by AnyToISO

30 Aug 2015, 08:58

Replied via e-mail.

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