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real speedyfox ))

08 Oct 2010, 16:52

Hi Here you are good at programming and creating programs for the browser Firefox. Why not create your own build of Firefox under win32, which would have included the use sse2 and pgo, was faster than in the original. I myself use a build of Firefox from tete009 which is really faster in performance by about 30 percent. But perhaps you are more experienced in this matter, because programs you create explicitly High luminance level. If you have created such an assembly and it actually surpassed the original and the assembly tete009 I would have even bought))
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Re: real speedyfox ))

08 Oct 2010, 21:33

Dear wolfxr,

Thank you for keeping in touch. Unfortunately we don't see too much sense of such build:

1. Firefox is slower than than Chrome or Safari (based on webkit) not because of processor optimizations but because of its architecture.
2. It's very hard to update such builds and keep them up-to-date with all official updates.

Nevertheless, SpeedyFox is designed not to be fast, but to be convenient :smile: And SpeedyFox solves some of its disadvantages.

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