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Chrome/Chromium Secondary Profiles

16 Dec 2012, 09:08

Hello CrystalIDEA Developer(s),
     Chromium profiles are apparently not recognized if they are not named "Default", Google Chrome and other Chromium Forks now allow for multiple profiles via the Settings > Users > Add New Users option.

Note: You can find a list of the Profile's names (which I believe defines the profile's folder's name) in the "…\Profiles\Local State" JSON file under "profile".

If you could add the ability to "Optimize!" these secondary profiles & installations without a "Default" profile I would be grateful.

     ~ UserName

P.S.: I only noticed this because I have a copy which I added a few profiles, gave them names, and removed the Default profile. Then I pointed SpeedyFox to the Profiles directory and it said:
SpeedyFox was unable to detect any browser/supported program in the specified path (X:\…\Profiles).

If you're sure the path is correct and this profile should be supported by SpeedyFox, please use SpeedyFox support forum to let us know about the issue.

P.P.S.: And now for something completely different:
     Shouldn't SeaMonkey profiles be listed under SeaMonkey (rather than Firefox) just like Iron isn't listed as Chrome (it's listed as Chromium/Iron)?

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