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Uninstall traced program without performing a scan

Posted: 30 Oct 2016, 04:47
by doquan0
I am using Uninstall Tool x64 on Windows 8.1

I installed and traced both Nitro PDF Pro and Nitro PDF Free on my computer with the help of Uninstall Tool. Due to some reasons, I only need to uninstall Nitro Free. However, after built-in program uninstaller, I really don't want Uninstall Wizard to perform any scan of unused files & registry, because it scans & displays my the Nitro Pro's files & registry keys.

This problem happens to a lot of programs having similar name, like Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Acrobat.

I checked the information on the website and it says:

When using Uninstall Wizard ™ with a traced item the wizard displays all the traced (during installation) leftovers plus some found program data folders/registry keys.

How can I force Uninstall Wizard to display only traced items without performing any scan?