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Greetings From New Members

Posted: 26 Dec 2017, 11:25
Hi Everyone,
Just joined up today after purchasing the Uninstall Licence. I have been running this amazing tool since its first incarnation, so decided it was time to make a payment towards its ongoing development and help Steven with his bills. :good:
Just one item on the Uninstall Tool installation process, here on my Win 7 HP SP1, is causing me some concern. :%)
Before the install starts, there is in the 'Options' box, a check mark for a tracing feature that I do not want, and despite un-checking the box for two or three installs and un-installs of this Uninstall Tool....... :-x This feature still appears as a 'Sub-Menu' item when the Uninstall Tool is 'Pinned' either to the Menu or Taskbar. :crazy:
Is there away to tweak the config file so this tracing feature can be excluded from tool? :friends: :beer: :smile:


Re: Greetings From New Members

Posted: 27 Dec 2017, 22:55
by Steven
Hi and thanks for the kind words.

Currently if a user doesn't want to install the tracing service, we deliberately create a 'jumplist menu' in case if he will not forget about this cool featureĀ  ;)

Does it do any discomfort for you?

Happy New Year anyway.