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Recommended settings for a Macbook 10,1

Posted: 27 Dec 2016, 11:35
by waltercruz
Hi people.

I've tried to fight the kernel_task issue for a good the method described here, but since Sierra 10.12.2, it doesn't seem effective anymore.

If I understand correctly, it's the threshold for the subsystem that tries to cooldown the notebook that is too low.

I was using smcFanControl, but it seems that Macs Fan Control is a better tool.

My macbook is a 15inch, early 2013 - specifications here. Could not run the app to determine max temperature.

Which values do you suggest so that I can have a better performance, with kernel_task not fucking my system so constantly?

I was thinking about using CPU Proximity sensor, with the lowerst sensor around 65ºC, and the highest around 75º, what do you guys think about?