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Settings advice, fried my last game card mid 2011 iMac

Posted: 05 Jun 2017, 11:37
by 123pblack
[font=.SFUIText]Hi Guys, [/font]

[font=.SFUIText]RE: [/font]IMac 27" Mid 2011 
[font=.SFUIText]3.4 Ghz i7[/font]
[font=.SFUIText]32 Memory Ram [/font]
[font=.SFUIText]512MB Game card, The card I fried was a 1GB, The repair guy added 512MB ( I didn't ask why because it just out of warranty)[/font]
I Don't know a great deal about computers internals.

[font=.SFUIText]Using ProTools 10HD on a 10.7.5 Lion Partition & [/font]
[font=.SFUIText]Final Cut on a 10.11.6 El Capitan.[/font]

[font=.SFUIText]I think I fried my last game card because the corner the computer was in didn't have enough ventilation, I wanna make sure this doesn't happen again & moved the Mac near a window which is a lot cooler.[/font]

Also I've been told that the most expensive part you don't wanna overheat of an iMac is the Mother /Logic Board?.
[font=.SFUIText]Which fan is nearest it?[/font]

[font=.SFUIText]Also what settings should I use & sensor should I pick to view along the top. I'm only allowed to choose one from the list.[/font]
[font=.SFUIText](Some guy told me don't let your computer run over 60 C , he didn't say which sensor value tho)[/font]

[font=.SFUIText]There is also control options [/font]
[font=.SFUIText]'Auto' or 'Constant value' [/font]

[font=.SFUIText]If I click  'constant value' sensor then I have an option [/font]
[font=.SFUIText] 'Sensor - based value' [/font]At the standard settings the fans seem to run a little bit too fast!

[font=.SFUIText]Should I use 'Constant RPM value' and if so what is a good value to use or 'sensor - based value' what is the best settings to generally use?[/font]

[font=.SFUIText]If I click  sensor – based value[/font]
[font=.SFUIText]ODD Fan:[/font]
[font=.SFUIText]Standard is set at ambient 20 C to maximum 30 C [/font]
[font=.SFUIText](What does this maximum really mean?) [/font]

[font=.SFUIText]HDD & CPU: the same 20-30c[/font]

[font=.SFUIText]Going with the settings seems to be running fast enough! [/font]

Thanks for any help in advance!